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Welcome to the Flower CBD tribe ! You are now taking some of the best, purest, strongest, safest and most effective CBD products on the market today. Our products are derived from the whole hemp plant with an emphasis on the Hemp Flower and Trichromes. Our experts on our team include medical doctors, PhD chemists, and licensed pharmacists. We have formulated an all natural product so you can feel the benefits of the hemp flower. Feel the Power of the Hemp Flower. Welcome to the tribe.


To provide superior, safe, and effective CBD oils and products at an affordable price point. We use our own organic farms (& our Affiliate Farmers) with experienced hemp farmers  that know how to grow, dry, and cure hemp properly to keep these rich oils available for consumption. We also use the best processors that extract the natural healing hemp oil in a way that preserves the potency, and offers a wide range of CBD/CBG/CBN products such as tinctures, gummies, topicals and many other dosage forms.  All of our steps are monitored by experts in the cannabis industry so that you can feel the Power of the Hemp Flower in each dose and in each product.

What sets us apart

We carry the best, purest, strongest, safest and most effective CBD on the market today.

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Pamper yourself and experience overall well-being with our innovative spa!

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