The Power of Hemp Flower

As a pharmacist, I highly recommend quality CBD Oil and CBD as a natural solution to treat stress, anxiety, pain, fibromyalgia pain, nerve pain, seizures, skin conditions, and many other conditions. The more clinical scientists study Cannabidiol (CBD), I feel there will be many more ailments that we can safely utilize this complex compound for in the days ahead. CBD is a very subtle in the way it works, subtle but powerful and effective and safe ! Also, as a pharmacist I always suggest everyone should discuss with their doctor if they are considering taking CBD. It is good for you to have an honest and open relationship with your physician and pharmacist, so that the best decisions can be made concerning your health. If you are researching on our website and other resources, talking to your healthcare professionals, listening to real testimonials from your friends and family, doing your “homework”…then you are on the right road to making the right decision concerning using this natural compound called CBD. 

I also recommend that you consider using our quality crafted broad spectrum oil* as the “workhorse” to treat your conditions. I have found using the oil under the tongue has helped me personally and my patients the most! The other CBD products such as balms and vapes and gummies and bath bombs are more to be used as needed (prn) for breakthrough pain or anxiety as an adjunct to therapy. Use these products in addition to the workhouse, CBD oil, under the tongue which I recommend to take everyday to feed your Endocannabinoid System.

* Our oil is a full spectrum oil, but we feel strongly that full spectrum is actually a misnomer as no CBD oil is truly and totally full spectrum with any extraction process…therefore we call our CBD oil broad spectrum compared to other companies that claim full spectrum. As mentioned, CBD is a very complex compound and this is why you should always buy from a source that uses extreme care and superior technology to get the full effects of this wonderful God given plant we call Hemp.

I appreciate you considering buying your CBD from my company. I want to be your pharmacist. I am passionate about CBD because I have seen how it has helped hundreds of my customers at Surfside Beach Pharmacy and how it has helped me personally. My story, the blood vessels of my right leg throb all day and is painful especially when I stand for long periods or long car rides, but with only 25mg of CBD oil daily I am now totally pain free. You have access to a pharmacist when you are part of High Tide Dispensary, so feel free to securely email me with any questions or concerns or testimonials at:

-Daniel Bundrick, Owner

CBD oil safety profile

According to a 2017 World Health Organization (WHO) review, CBD was described as having a good safety profile. Importantly, WHO stated that there appeared to be no concerns of dependence or potential for abuse associated with CBD usage:

“In humans, CBD exhibits no effects indicative of any abuse or dependence potential… To date, there is no evidence of recreational use of CBD or any public health-related problems associated with the use of pure CBD”

– WHO, November 2017

Furthermore, CBD oil appears to be safe to take in a broad range of doses. Even strong doses, far greater than what is required or recommended, did not appear to cause problems. Having said that, we do not advocate taking unnecessarily high doses.

For example, the Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research conducted a clinical trial using high doses of CBD and found that:

“Daily doses of CBD (700 mg) for 6 weeks did not induce any toxicity” “Confirming results from animal studies, the available clinical data suggest that CBD can be safely administered over a wide dose range”

Cannabidiol, a Cannabis sativa constituent, as an antipsychotic drug
University of São Paulo, Ribeirão Preto, SP, Brasil

This study tested CBD dosage ranges 70 times the size of a starting dose of 10mg, which some users feel benefit from. CBD’s wide dose range reflects WHO’s conclusion that CBD has a good safety profile.

For more information on how to determine your correct dosage, read our guide on how to take CBD oil.

CBD oil side effects

Many users supplement CBD without any problems, but some people can experience minor side effects. Some of these side effects may result from subpar products, potentially made from low-quality plant materials or extracted using cheaper processes.

Read our article on buying high quality CBD oil to ensure you’re supplementing with a quality CBD product. Incorrect dosages and the individual’s sensitivity to CBD are other influencing factors.

Dry mouth

A relatively mild side effect, sometimes referred to as ‘cotton mouth’, is the feeling of having dry mouth and feeling thirsty. This study explored how cannabinoids (like CBD) can inhibit saliva secretion by activation of cannabinoid receptors.

2006: ‘Inhibition of salivary secretion by activation of cannabinoid receptors’

Decreased blood pressure

This small study found that a “single dose of cannabidiol reduces blood pressure in healthy volunteers”. While this has promising potential for treating cardiovascular disorders, for others this may cause complications. If you have blood pressure issues or take any blood pressure medications it is crucial you consult your doctor before supplementing CBD.

2017: ‘Cannabidiol reduces blood pressure in healthy volunteers’


Often anecdotally reported in CBD communities, new users may experience mild headaches or lightheadedness when they start taking CBD. This may be linked to a decrease in blood pressure, as previously discussed. In order to prevent this, avoid taking too much CBD for a first dose, and ease into taking higher doses.


Despite some research describing CBD as a “wake-inducing agent” some CBD community members have identified tiredness and drowsiness as side effects. This symptom may be linked to the amount taken.

2008: ‘Cannabidiol is a wake-inducing agent’

Digestive problems

Some users have reported some stomach upset and diarrhea after using CBD oil. Digestive issues may also be caused by intolerances to a CBD product’s carrier oil or other additives. Usually, a carrier oil is a type of oil, like coconut oil or hemp oil, which is added to help thin the CBD oil out so that it can be dropped from a tincture. If you’re intolerant to any foods, double check the label.

CBD risks and safety concerns

Under-regulated industry:

Internationally, the CBD industry is currently under-regulated. Regulation refers to the checks and balances governments employ to control business behaviour and ensure safe, consistent products. The current level of limited regulation within the CBD industry has allowed a host of low-quality products to enter the market. For instance, a 2017 study by the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine revealed an alarming inconsistency of CBD product quality within the US:
“Only 30% of CBD products purchased contained an actual CBD content that was within 10% of the amount listed on the product label”
“The biggest implication is that many of these patients may not be getting the proper dosage; they’re either not getting enough for it to be effective or they’re getting too much.”

University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine,
Marcel Bonn-Miller, PhD

This lack of consistency reflects the market’s under regulation and reveals that many suppliers may be cutting corners when it comes to CBD production and testing. We recommend suppliers who have every batch independently tested for CBD concentration, contaminants and heavy metals.

This is why our oil has been evaluated by a pharmacist. This is why we partnered with PureVision Technology and Cannabidiol Life to ensure we put our name on the best CBD available. This is why YOU should use our CBD offered by High Tide Dispensary. Not to mention, we have the best prices and discounts in the industry.

Poor quality products

Clinical trials evaluating the safety of CBD are using a high-quality, medical grade products. One safety concern of CBD use is that some products on the market are sourced from low-quality cannabis and aren’t tested properly for contaminants.

The cannabis plant is a bioaccumulator. This means that the plant accumulates substances, such as pesticides or heavy metals, in the soil. CBD oil extracted from plants that are contaminated with heavy metals are unsafe for consumption. This makes investigating the source of a supplier’s crop and checking if third-party laboratory testing is regularly carried out all the more important.

As a buyer, you should also be aware of how your CBD oil was extracted from the cannabis plant. Cheap methods of extraction use toxic solvents like propane and hexane. It’s possible for solvent residue to contaminate the CBD oil, which can be very harmful to the user.

Misinformation and bias

Many information sources, Facebook groups and online communities are often run by sellers masquerading as independent information sources, so be wary of biased information from those selling their own CBD product.

CBD and drug interactions

While it’s been deemed safe to consume CBD, studies have shown that CBD can impact how our bodies process other medications and drugs. If taken together, CBD essentially slows down the body’s ability to process certain types of drugs and medications, resulting in potentially dangerous side effects. For this reason, it’s highly important you consult your doctor or medical professional before supplementing CBD if you are also taking other medications.

Read our article on CBD drug interactions to learn more.

CBD while pregnant or breastfeeding

Even though CBD has been deemed safe for adult consumption, not enough studies have been carried out for it to be deemed safe for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers. In line with this, most suppliers label their products as not suitable for pregnant mothers.
Further studies will reveal more details into CBD and the endocannabinoid system which regulates fertility, pregnancy and both pre- and postnatal development.

Information on the Extraction Process of the Hemp plant

There are definitely opposing viewpoints on extraction methods, and often times they are comparing the ethanol extraction methods accross the board, not just for oil. We use this method for our oil specifically, but when you read the articles when comparing, they are often listing the “cons” of ethanol extraction like:

Ethanol is a polar solvent and will pull more water soluble components from the plant such as chlorophyll – Because ethanol is what is called a “polar” solvent, it will be more hydrotropic, meaning it will want to bind to the water soluble components of the plant. The result is a less pure, generally less potent end product that needs more post processing (the general exception to this is when making full spectrum hemp extracts, because it has been proven that some water soluble components of the hemp plant actually have health benefits). IE:Chlorophyll- it is very important in that it oxygenates the body creating an alkaline environment. Cancer and other diseases cannot survive in an alkaline environment. It also retains the Terpenes (essential oils) which are the essence of the plant and one of the main healing factors. Along with that it preserves all the flavonoids – the phytochemicals of the plant and of course the compounds or cannabinoids. Alcohol extraction is a very gentle way of extracting the cannabinoids and has been the go to for herbalists for centuries.

Ethanol is limited in the products it can produce making items like shatter is nearly impossible.- We agree, and for products like shatter and isolate we use Co2 extraction, because you’re removing everything but Cannabidiol. 

Post processing for ethanol extraction is much more labor intensive than hydrocarbon and involves the use of several different methods of refinement and filtration- We believe the resulting product is more important than using a cheaper or easier method. From seed to store, we think quality trumps everything. Our farmers care about the earth our hemp is grown on, the water used to nourish the plants, the way the hemp is cut, the care used in extraction, and every step taken is done so that customers are getting the absolute best all around oil that has high levels of terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids with the highest bioavailability. The entourage effect makes all the difference!